Have a listen below to some recent sets from different genres. Please bear in mind that each set I play is completely different and I work with each individual client to work out the vibe of music that they want throughout their party. These mixes were made for nightclub nights within my residencies so have a really fun, end of night pump to them but your event can be completely bespoke to your needs.

R ‘n B & Hip Hop

A mix of modern and classic R ‘n B tunes, mixed in about 2019
Classic hip-hop tunes from the 90s and 00s
A mix of urban beats through to dancehall reggae


Classic 80s tunes carefully mixed
Classic 80s tunes but with black nail varnish

Dance/D ‘n B

Classic early-mid 90s dance music, with a Manchester lean
A mix of garage and bassline
Heavy drum ‘n bass and neuro
Jungle and classic drum ‘n bass floorfillers for all the family