About juice soundsystem

I have DJ’d in bars, clubs and pubs in Sheffield now since 2006, playing a variety of old and new styles, and as a mobile ‘privateer’ since 2017. The list of venues includes West Street Live, The Old House, The Wick at Both Ends, The Harley, Bungalows and Bears, as well as The Nottingham House, The Cremorne, The West End and quite a few more.

I work with each individual client by getting a list of song requests prior to the event. This allows me to work out the vibe you’re going for during your event but I’ll also take requests on the night and work within my extensive repertoire of songs when I’ve read the room.

I do specialise in funk, hip-hop, R ‘n B, soul, disco, all of the eighties and dance but I am also known for detailed knowledge of indie, pop, rhythm and blues, garage, bassline and drum ’n’ bass. Working in venues has honed me into an all-rounder, capable of switching genre quickly and easily to suit what’s happening.

Music is the universal language through which we come together and have a good time. A skilled DJ with a good sense for the crowd and good taste in music can transform a good night into a great night at any wedding or party. Experiencing these magical moments from the crowd made me want to become a DJ!

Drop the Bomb started at the Redhouse on Solly Street (cheers Jeff!) as a one-stop-shop for everything from funk and soul through to rhythm and blues, garage and 60s psychedelia. It quickly grew a cult following for being a groovy, energetic night with good vibes and a character all of its own. It drew fans from across Sheffield and put me in touch with a lot of great people, many of whom I am still in contact with.

The tour-de-force that was Drop the Bomb eventually moved to the Harley where it enjoyed a residency for another two years. There it grew even larger and attracted local B-boys (breakdancers) who came for the soul breaks, classic funk and old school hip-hop. Eventually the Drop the Bomb crew went their separate ways.

Many of the former members are pursuing exciting musical projects, and most of them still DJ on a regular occasion.